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African Elephant

African Elephant  Strength/Patience/Confidence  Considered a steadfast creature, the elephant signifies the will to overcome life's trials. This charm could be seen as a reminder of loved...
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Buddha Head

Buddha Head  Enlightenment/ Wisdom  Often called the "Aha Moment" - that defining point in time when realization hits. The Buddha Head celebrates that moment. Some people categorize their...
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Cat Statue

Cat Statue  Protection/ Motherhood  Revered as a member of the family, praised for its grace and poise, and worshiped as a reverent being, cats in Ancient Egypt were as sacred as pharaohs...
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Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus  Healing/Protection  Fashioned after the Ancient Egyptian falcon god Horus, the Eye of Horus has been an emblem of healing and protection. Myth describes Horus eye being...
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Feather  Freedom/ Imagination  Imagine having the gift of flight. Birds soar through the heavens with abandon, their wings allowing ultimate freedom from earths restrictions. When we hold...
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Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower  Rebirth/Purity  Unique to any other flower, the lotus sheds its blooms on a daily cycle, which is believed to represent a spiritual rebirth. This can be attributed to...
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Maple Seed

Maple Seed  Longevity/ Love The maple tree is one of natures most solid and unwavering forms. Many childhoods were spent beneath its limbs watching the maple seeds float to the ground. Beyond...