About Single Stone

Drawing inspiration from vintage design, Single Stone is an original collection of heirloom quality fine jewelry that celebrates the enchanting allure of antique diamonds. Founded by husband and wife duo Ari and Corina Madilian, Single Stone first opened its doors in 1988 as a showroom in downtown LA selling vintage diamonds and antique jewelry with a focus on authentic restoration. In 2004, Corina and Ari created their first collection under the name Single Stone after decades of hands-on training through their antique restorations which provided them with expertise required to create their own designs.

Today, the Single Stone collection is still made entirely in the downtown LA jewelry district by skilled artisans who are experts in antique design and production techniques. With a commitment to creating jewelry that remains true to original, historic details, each Single Stone piece begins with the center stone - hand selected from the brand’s treasure trove of antique diamonds that Corina and Ari have collected over the past 30 years. Nature, art and architecture provide gentle guidance for each unique design, conceptualized to enhance the natural beauty of the stone and embrace perceived imperfections as opposed to masking them. The result is a wearable memento intended to be layered, cherished and passed down for generations.

The Single Stone collection is available at luxury boutiques across the US, including the brand’s multi-brand store, located in San Marino, California.